Team Cleanse & Discounts

Success is twice as much fun when shared! Cleansing together with friends, colleagues, family members or as a couple not only increases motivation and stamina, it enhances the fun factor as well. Plus it is easier on your wallet. Find a cleanse partner or two and benefit from our attractive discounts – no matter if you are kicking off your journey to a healthier lifestyle with your companion at home or with your entire department at work, we have the perfect offer for you:


Buddy Cleanse

Friends are the best motivator – scientists at the German Sport University Cologne have discovered that more than two-thirds of the population is best motivated to engage in regular exercise when the people in their immediate environment exercise, too. This motivational factor holds true of more than just sports activities: Planning a cleanse together with a buddy not only makes the first step easier, it usually improves the final results as well. 

So find a cleanse buddy and start off on your healthy new lifestyle together! As a reward, you’ll receive discount right away (discount is valid for cleanses with a minimum of 3 days).

3 cleanses or more 5%
5 cleanses or more 10%
8 cleanses or more 15%

Requirement: one invoice, one starting date and one delivery address for all cleanses.

Corporate Cleanse – for more energy at work

Do you want to do something good for your employees, something that will give them much longer term benefits than a day on a high rope course or the typical corporate events with classic team-building measures?

The trend has already caught on in the USA: True to the motto “cubicle cleanse”,  companies ranging from premium fashion houses to investment banking firms are holding now corporate cleanses. Our custom-tailored discounts and personalized consulting ensure that your healthy incentive is a big success.

Healthy Cafeteria

Would you like to offer your employees a healthy alternative to the cafeteria, fast food restaurants and the same old delivery services they have always used? What a good idea! A well-chosen, balanced diet doesn’t just help them stay alert all day, it also makes them healthier and more energetic – at work and at play.


Special conditions

We also offer attractive discounts when you recommend us to your employees, for example via your corporate intranet. We will be glad to discuss various options with you. 

Please ask us for a custom-tailored offer. We look forward to doing business with you. Best regards Maximilian Manager 06 69 56 03 25