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Wow!!! Body Week

Delivery time: 2-3 days. Start day can be chosen individually.

  • 1-week nutrition programme with Green Juice & Clean Food
  • Beauty Package: Glow Boost Shots, Beauty Tea, ZZZZ Capsules
  • Metabolism Package: Boost Capsules, Ginger Essence
100% natürlich

100% natural







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In our Wow! Body Week you get everything you need to stay fit in the cooler season and fight successfully against love handles, energy lows and a tired complexion. For 7 consecutive days, we'll spoil you with a combination of vitamin-packed cold-pressed Green Juices, vegan nut milk and light, warm clean meals. On top there are lots of extras that boost and support your metabolism, immune system, healthy sleep & radiant skin.
This is a limited offer, which excludes changes in scope and price.

Duration: 7 days
Per day:
• 1 lemonade à 440ml (in the morning)
• 1 Super Green Juice à 440ml (morning)
• 1 vegan clean food dish (stew) (lunchtime)
• 1 Green Juice à 440ml (afternoon)
• 1 vegan Nutmylk à 440ml (evening)
• 2 Boost Capsules (1 morning & 1 noon)
• 3 Glow Boost Shots (morning, noon, evening)
• 1 Zzz capsule (before going to bed)
• Beauty Tea, as much as you like
• Hot water with Ginger Essence, as much as you like
(approx. 1.200 kcal per day)

• 1x TEA DELIGHT Beauty Infusion (80g tin)
• 1x Boost Capsules from Form Nutrition (30 Capsules)
• 1x Zzz Capsules from Form Nutrition (30 Capsules)
• 1 Ginger Essence à 440ml
• 21 Glow Boost Shots à 60ml

All 100% natural, vegan, completely untreated (also without HPP), without artificial additives and preservatives.